Why Biobased Fabric Is Well-Suited for Metal Corrosion Inhibition

Prevent Metal Corrosion

Metal corrosion inhibition is not a tedious task now as the credit for making this process easy goes to Biopad. It is bio-based sustainable packaging by Cortec that helps to prevent metal corrosion for a long period of time.

Why Biopad Is Considered the Best?
It is a flexible corrosion-inhibiting device which is made of 100% bio-based non-woven materials which contain 66% bio-based contents. It offers two times much inhibition as compared to conventional VCI foams. It has a high VpCl concentration and thin design which results in decent material reduction of upto 94%.

How Does Biopad Work?
If the right size of Biopad is placed in the package, it protects the metal items in context and hence prepares them for any kind of use. As per Cortec, there is no degreasing or coating removal needed for this process. All you need to do is to take the product out of the package and start using it.

What Types of Metals Does Biopad Protect?
It protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, apart from these alloys like copper, carbon steels, zinc, brass, silver, aluminium, and solder. It is free of any sort of amines and nitrates and does not contain isocyanates.

What Major Benefits Do You Get from Biopad?
Biopad is easily applied, adaptable and reasonably priced. All you need is the correct size Biopad and apply it on the package and leave it as it is because the metal is protected till the time it is ready for use. It is worthwhile to mention that Biopad complies NACE standard TMO-2008, MIL-I-22110C and RP0487-2000 and is certified and tested for the intended purposes. It is also currently RoHS compliant.

Biopad is very well-suited for metal corrosion inhibition and offers many benefits.

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