Welding Processes and Types: MIG, TIG, and Spot Welding


Welding Processes – An Overview

Welding is a fabrication process that joins materials, usually metals and thermoplastics, into one. It is different from gluing, brazing, and soldering as these processes only sticks two separate pieces of materials, while in welding two or more separate pieces of materials are actually turned into a single piece.

Welding jobs are done either by fusion welding ...

5 Important Qualities of a Metal Fabrication Welding Pro

Metal Fabrication

To become a successful metal fabrication welding expert, you must be disciplined and hard working. Apart from that, you must have a deep knowledge of the shapes, forms, layouts and should know how to weld various types of metals into correct shapes and sizes. There is a huge need for well-trained and experienced metal fabrication welders all around the US as they know ...

10 Great Tips for TIG Welding Sheet Metal

TIG Welding

TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas, also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is one of the best methods of welding. It is very clean and produces least amount of slag and fumes and simply enhances the beauty of any project.

TIG welding is frequently used in aircraft applications as it produces clean and very strong weld joints which are ...

What Are the Recent Developments in Welding Technology?

Things You Need To Know About Custom Metal Fabrications

Welding technology continues to evolve in the manufacturing industry. Many times the characteristics of weld joints, not welded materials, are what determine structure performance and industry innovation. During the past few decades, welding has grown in sophistication.

Here are some recent developments in welding.

Current Popular Welding Methods Arc welding continues to be the most common form of welding ...

How to Prevent Eye Injuries While Welding

Prevent Eye Injuries

Occupational health has been the subject of focus for those working with welding industry as it is quite hazardous. It exposes your eyes to risky situations where your eyes could be affected.

According to the reports, of all the welding related injuries, eye injuries account for more than 25%. Welding is an essential part of the metal ...