Going Green: Steel Fabricators Who Pioneered Recycling

Steel Fabricators

The word “recycling” in the steel industry has been around for decades and is still popular. Steel fabricators have been recycling steel for a very long time. The main reason for its popularity are the methods used to make steel and the way they impact the product and profits.

There are two major ways to make steel:

  1. The first method is called BOF or basic oxygen furnace. Currently in the United States, 40% of steel is produced through this method. The BOF method requires  merely 25% to 35% recycled steel.
  2. The second method is EAF or electric arc furnace. Currently in the United States, 60% of steel is produced through this method. It uses nearly 100% recycled steel, which is much more compared to BOF.

You could choose either of these, but recycling scrap material can’t be avoided in steel fabrication or metal fabrication. The use of recycled material is so rapid that it has led to the exemption of the steel industry from LEED requirements. Both methods use more recycled steel than the limit set by LEED regulations.

There is more to recycling steel than using it for the production of new steel. Steel fabricators or metal fabricators have been using recycled scrap material for a  long time. After using it in industries, the remaining metal can be sold again as scrap material.

Today the steel industry is standing at the core of the green economy revolution where it is important that economic growth and environmental responsibilities should go hand-in-hand. The steel industry supports green economy initiatives and if the transition to the green economy is successful, there will be countless opportunities.

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