5 Important Qualities of a Metal Fabrication Welding Pro

Metal Fabrication

To become a successful metal fabrication welding expert, you must be disciplined and hard working. Apart from that, you must have a deep knowledge of the shapes, forms, layouts and should know how to weld various types of metals into correct shapes and sizes. There is a huge need for well-trained and experienced metal fabrication welders all around the US as they know ...

10 Great Tips for TIG Welding Sheet Metal

TIG Welding

TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas, also known as GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) is one of the best methods of welding. It is very clean and produces least amount of slag and fumes and simply enhances the beauty of any project.

TIG welding is frequently used in aircraft applications as it produces clean and very strong weld joints which are ...

The Use of Metal Fabrication in the Aerospace Sector

Metal Fabrication in the Aerospace

Aerospace engineering is the art of designing, building and fabricating machines that fly. Its history is dated back to 19th century when experiments started happening with powered flight that involves quite a lot of automation. Initially, it was considered as a domain limited to aircrafts but later on, it was divided into two separate paths – aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering. ...

Continental Industries: A Leader in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Amada LC-3015FI NT

Continental Industries, based in Anaheim, California, is a leading name in sheet metal fabrication. Our services are considered one of the best in engineering, design, prototyping and fabrication services. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is spread over a 25,000 square foot area. It provides CNC punching, welding, brake forming, grinding/finishing, assembly, design services and packing and shipping.

We ...

Why You Should Start Your Sheet Metal Project Before the New Year

Why You Should Start Your Sheet Metal Project Before the New Year

The year is about to end in a few weeks and everyone is busy planning for Christmas and New Year’s. As everyone will be busy spending time with their family and friends during the holiday season, it's the best time to plan the metal fabrication project that you were thinking to start for a while and start gaining the benefits ...

What Are the Recent Developments in Welding Technology?

Things You Need To Know About Custom Metal Fabrications

Welding technology continues to evolve in the manufacturing industry. Many times the characteristics of weld joints, not welded materials, are what determine structure performance and industry innovation. During the past few decades, welding has grown in sophistication.

Here are some recent developments in welding.

Current Popular Welding Methods Arc welding continues to be the most common form of welding ...

Things You Need To Know About Custom Metal Fabrication

Things You Need To Know About Custom Metal Fabrications

Custom metal fabrication refers to all types of processes involved in cutting, bending, assembling and construction of machine from raw metal structures. But 'custom' metal fabrication is used generally for unique products.

Types of Custom Metal Fabrication Services Custom metal fabrication is important in all stages of product development regardless of the stage at which you want this assistance. It can ...

Tips to Choose the Best Sheet Metal for Your Home

Sheet Metal for Home

Sheet metal is a key material used for different types of construction purposes. It has been in use for a long time. Many people believe that sheet metal is made of aluminium. When in reality, they are made of a variety of metals which also includes copper and titanium. It depends on your budget and requirements to get the best ...

Earn Money by Recycling Plating Tank Scrap

Recycling Plating Tank Scrap

Precious metals have monetary values. If you work with them, you probably know the value of the particular metal. Electroplating companies are the best examples of this business. If you know the process well, you might be able to make lots of money. All you have to do is maintain the thirst for learning the process. The Process of Tank Electroplating If you have ...

How to Prevent Eye Injuries While Welding

Prevent Eye Injuries

Occupational health has been the subject of focus for those working with welding industry as it is quite hazardous. It exposes your eyes to risky situations where your eyes could be affected.

According to the reports, of all the welding related injuries, eye injuries account for more than 25%. Welding is an essential part of the metal ...