Why Medical and Diagnostic Equipment Enclosures Should Be Fabricated Out of Sheet Metal

Medical and Diagnostic Equipment

Medical and diagnostic equipment must have proper security. The components inside the equipment are expensive and prone to damage. To ensure equipment is working properly for every patient’s safety, they should have limited atmospheric exposure.

There is a certain amount of latitude in choosing the type of material used for manufacturing the enclosures. Most often, a thermoformed plastic is used. Sheet metal is not only a durable option, it offers benefits such as improved sales, cost savings and more reliable delivery which makes it a long-term ideal choice for manufacturing the enclosures.

The major reasons why medical and diagnostic enclosures should be fabricated out of sheet metal are:

Low Expenses

The best part of using sheet metal is that despite being versatile in nature, it is very cost-effective. Building with sheet metal is still the same as welding, finishing, forming and cutting. In plastic manufacturing, the buyer bears the cost of special molds and tooling which should ideally be borne by the manufacturer.

Streamlined Product Development

The problem faced during developing molds and tooling with plastic manufacturing is the delay in the creation of the final design. Normally, the initial steps take multiple revisions which ought to be tweaked during each prototype development. When an enclosure is designed with the sheet metal, the parts can be unfolded with the help of CAD. These parts are then sent to the production floor for multiple cutting within a few hours in order to make the process more streamlined and time-centric.

Flexible Designs

Sheet metal is a more comfortable and flexible option compared to plastic in every phase. Most of the features, such as embosses, knockouts, louvers and many more can be easily implemented or removed by merely altering the production steps rather than changing molds, forming codes etc.

Stylish Product Outcome

It does not matter whether the product was finished with powder coat or left in its natural sheet metal look with the purpose of sanitation. The final outcome is attractive and stylish. The customization of color can be easily achieved.

Besides these four major benefits, the long-term advantages of sheet metal are durability and increased life span. Unlike plastic, sheet metal won’t be damaged due to high temperatures.

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