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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Continental Industries is a sheet metal fabrication company based in Anaheim, California. We have over three decades of experience in providing design, engineering, prototyping and fabrication services to our customers in Southern California. Sheet metal fabrication is one of the finest and most recognized products in the industry.

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming; shaping and joining metal together to build or repair a tangible part. The process is done by using the latest equipment and cutting edge technology. Sheet metal is used in building metal machines and structures. Since it is a complex process, many professional are required to do it. It involves the use of:

  1. Chops saws – It is mainly used for cutting and is similar to miter saws. The special feature of Chops saws is the abrasive disk, which is specially used for its cutting purpose.
  2. Hydraulic Breaks – The use of hydraulic breaks simplifies the process of sheet metal fabrication. These are used to create bends at chosen angles.
  3. Welding – Once the sheet metal parts are formed, the next step is to assemble and tack welded them into place. Various welding techniques are applied in this process to avoid warping or any other visual defects.

Benefits of using Sheet Metal – There are various benefits of using sheet metal fabrication. Some of the advantages are:

  • It can be formed into any shape as desired.
  • It is thin and less in weight.- it can be transported easily
  • It helps in materializing the plans and goals engineers and the architects.
  • It is highly durable and can tolerate any kind of stress or pressure.
  • It has a higher melting point and is unlikely to degrade under extreme temperatures.

It is clear from the mentioned facts that sheet metal fabrication is much better than any other type of fabrication.

Why choose us

For the purpose of speed optimization, accuracy and reliability, Continental industries uses very advanced equipment and cutting edge technology at our manufacturing unit. We use 50 ton CNC punching machines for punching holes in different geometric shapes and patterns. For the purpose of maximizing sheet yields and overall production efficiencies we use the latest nesting software. This software also helps in minimizing the scraps.

We use certain tools for the cost effective production of component parts. These are:

  • Amada HDS machines with visual LCD touch screen
  • Eight axis back gauge
  • Servo/hydraulic rams

We are highly capable of meeting all your manufacturing needs and the quality standards in accordance with your manufacturing schedule.

For further information about our services visit our website at:

Continental Industries is a precision sheet metal fabrication company. We have more than three decades of experience in providing world class design, engineering, prototyping and fabrication services to customers in Southern California. Our constant and sincere effort has been to provide excellent support & satisfaction to our customers. We promise quality and our versatile experience speaks through the perfection in our work.

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